Mobile Credit Card Reader Options In 2019

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In case you are doing research about the best mobile credit card reader as well as a credit card processing application, you have probably realized that this market is thriving and that there are many options out there. But, this doesn’t mean that you should choose the first option you encounter. You must think about the needs of your business.

One of the first things that you should check is whether the reader and mobile app are compatible with your device – iOS-based or Android. The good thing is that in the recent period, many of the developers are creating versions for both Android and iOS. In addition to the device support, you have to take a few other things into account like monthly cost, transactions costs, features and more. To help you make the right decision, we’ve analyzed some of the best mobile credit card readers in 2019.

Shopify Lite

Shopify is a world-renowned eCommerce platform. However, they have created a few standalone apps and systems that are here to help eCommerce site owners. One of these products is their POS application that you can integrate with all the online shopping tools provided by Shopify. It doesn’t really matter which Shopify eCommerce plan you will choose because all of them provide Shopify POS for free. However, in case you are not interested in selling products over the Internet or you are looking for simple online sales tools, you can choose their Shopify Lite tool.

With the help of Shopify Lite, users can make BUY buttons and manage a Facebook store to sell things online and they can also access Shopify POS. The cost of Shopify Lite is relatively low, but remember that there is a 2.7% fee per transaction. You can use the POS application on iOS and Android. However, according to many users, you can fee; the true power of the app in case you are using an iPad. Don’t forget that Shopify Lite doesn’t provide support for a receipt printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer. For a small fee, you can take care of these limitations.

FattMerchant Mobile

This is another example of an efficient mobile reader available to both Android and iOS users. Thanks to FattMerchant, users can get their own merchant accounts. This leads to account stability. FattMerchant is a platform which comes with a mobile processing application, inventory management tools, invoicing tools and few other things that eCommerce businesses can use.

This platform provides two unique card readers. First of all, there is the BBPOS Chipper BT which is used to handle chip card and magstripe transactions. This option uses Bluetooth to get connected to your device. Additionally, you can use the BBPOS Chipper X2 BT. This option supports chip card and magstripe transactions as well as contactless payments. Once again, the reader relies on Bluetooth technology to sync with your device.

Payment Depot

What’s unique about Payment Depot is that they are offering a pricing model based on subscription for the merchant accounts. They have a few plans available for their users. For mobile users, there is a Swipe Simple application provided by Payment Depot. They are offering transaction fees with fixed rates combines with a fixed percentage. So, Swipe Simple by Payment Depot is a great credit card processing application which is compatible with iPad and iPhone devices and Android-based devices. Swipe Simple has a demo version which means that any person can check out this application before they pay for it. We should mention that Swipe Simple has basic inventory management, but users can follow stock counts in real time. Another positive thing about it is the presence of an offline mode.

Besides the application, Payment Depot has two readers in its offer. First of all, they’ve got Swift B200. This reader works with the help of Bluetooth and supports both chip card and magstripe transactions. You can use this reader for free if you have subscribed on Payment Depot. In case you want to add contactless payments to the mix, you can do this with Swift B250 which comes at a low price.

Square POS

Square has a special Point of Sale application known as Square POS. Many users are more than satisfied with this option and there’s more than one reason for that. You can use this application for free and there’s a fixed transaction fee in the form of a percentage. Square POS is especially useful for startup businesses and businesses with a low volume of sales. You can also choose from a few different hardware solutions too. The good thing is that you can use it on Android and iOS devices. However, the device you are using will determine the number of functions you can expect from the app. For instance, for the best user experience, you should use an iPhone because you can get access to most secondary and all basic features.

When it comes to hardware, Square has a free simple magstripe reader. This reader was working fine until Apple decided to ditch 3.5 mm headphone jacks. If you want to accept contactless payments and chip payments, then you can count on Square’s special reader (Contactless + chip reader).   

PayPal Here

In the end, we have PayPal Here which offers smooth integration with other PayPal services. In this way, you can expect to sell products online and in physical stores without any hassles. To be honest, PayPal Here doesn’t come with all the features you can find in many other popular card readers, but this is still a good mobile app and mobile card reader. It also comes with decent transaction gees. PayPal has a magstripe reader which is quite cheap. This is an ideal solution for businesses that have low volumes of sales.

We hope that this list of great credit card readers for mobile users will help you find what you are looking for. Remember that these readers are offering great advantages and they will surely make your business operations easier and more effective.

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