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5 Best Ecommerce Platforms to Build Your Business Online

Interested in starting a business online? Here are the 5 best ecommerce platforms to help you build your online store in less than 10 minutes!

We’re supposing you have probably heard of ecommerce website builders? Well, the ecommerce website builders offer the tools and features you need to help you sell online. The ecommerce websites builders don’t just create websites, they create businesses, brands, and online stores.

There are so many ecommerce platforms out there and choosing the best one can get pretty confusing, especially if they all claim to offer the best features and services.

In this article, we will introduce to you the 5 best ecommerce platforms on the market:

1. Shopify: Shopify is known as the best all-round ecommerce solution. The platform powers over 600.000 stores and has millions of active users from all over the world.

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According to one research, Shopify came first in sales features thanks to the high-quality tools this platform offers. So, how to sell on Shopify? Well, with Shopify, you can sell digital items, physical products, and services. There is an abandoned cart recovery which is built-in, an online invoice generator that makes collecting and billing money easier, an option to sync your store with 10 other platforms, and over 100 payment gateways to choose from. You can sell unlimited items. Shopify is perfect for everyone. The platform offers 14-day free trial. Try and see why Shopify is the best from the best!

2. Wix: This is one of the best website builders with ecommerce functionality. This platform is especially good for small businesses and beginners. With over 110 million users from all over the world, this platform can definitely help you create the online store of your dreams. It doesn’t have the same features as Shopify, but it has all the necessary features to build and run an online store. One of the downsides of Wix is that it doesn’t offer abandoned cart recovery. In today’s ecommerce world, this is a very important feature.

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3. BigCommerce: This platform is best for fast-growing and large businesses or those interested in scaling the online store. The online stores powered by BigCommerce have been noticed to be as growing at double the industry average. The platform is known for offering amazing features. Some of the high-quality features this platform offers are email marketing, customer reviews, and search filters. BigCommerce has more features than any of the competitors on the market. This makes it an excellent choice if you are looking to expand your store into a successful business. The main drawback is that this platform uses a complex terminology and won’t appear easy or user-friendly to anyone who doesn’t have knowledge of specific terms.


4. Squarespace: Known for aesthetic storefront and high-quality templates, Squarespace is a dream for web designers and creatives. If you are looking to make your online store as modern as possible, this is the perfect choice for you. Amazing templates, combined with a powerful inventory system and lots of great features. It is a great choice for your business online, as long as you don’t outgrow the range of ecommerce features.

5. Weebly: If you are looking for an affordable ecommerce solution, Weebly is your best option. Weebly offers 4 different price plans and you can sell online with any of them. Weebly makes it super easy to sell digital, physical, and service-based goods online. The platform also supports the three main payment gateways Square, Stripe, and PayPal. The drawback is that some features including gift cards, abandoned cart recovery, and real-time shipping are only available as part of the Performance Plan.

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